Before We Start The Job


In order for us to give you the very best job possible, there are a few preparations that are recommended before we arrive.



In the immediate area that is to be refinished, it is recommended to remove all personal belongings to avoid any accidental damage to these items. In kitchens, these items include cooking utensils, small counter top appliances, personal items etc. In bathroom areas, these items include towels, shampoo, makeup, and all other personal items that may be there.


The refinished surfaces will take 12-24 hours to cure before they can be used again. If you only have one shower or bath tub in the home, you should make alternative plans for bathing and other related personal activities.


Although you or your family and pets can stay inside the home during the entire refinishing process, it is recommended that the home be vacated for 3-4 hours. There will be some strong odors that may irritate you, your family and pets, and it may be an unpleasent experience. If you have any birds in the home, they must be removed from the home during the entire refinishing process, as they are very sensitive to fumes and strong odors.


After the refinishing process is completed, the surfaces may be tacky for a few hours until the surfaces start to cure. It is recommended to keep children and pets away from the refinished surfaces for a minimum of 12 hours, so the finish has time to cure. This will prevent any undesireable smudges or finger/paw prints in the refinished surfaces.


After 24 hours, the newly refinished surfaces are ready for you to enjoy for many years to come!




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