Natural Stone Finish

Below are the available colors for the Natural Stone Finish that can be applied to virtually any surface you desire. Typically this type of finish is applied to Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Wall Tile & Sinks. If you click on the + (zoom in) button on the top, far left side, it will make it easier to view the actual color and finish. If you click on the top, far right icon, it will enlarge the entire color chart for easier viewing. Once the color chart is enlarged you can click and drag the entire color chart around for easier viewing.   



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Natural Stone Finish

Custom Stain Colors

This is a brand new staining process that can be applied to Glass, Wood, Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Tile Surfaces and many others. This stain is a water based material, which will allow your imagination to run wild when planning unique staining and refinishing projects. The color swatches below have been applied to wall tiles, and the left side of each color swatch has two coats of the stain, and the right side has three coats of stain. Look carefully, and you will see that the right side of each color swatch typically has a darker or more solid color look to it. Click on each color swatch which will enlarge the color swatch as well as show you the name of each particular color sample.   

Custom Stain Applied To Raw Wood With A High Gloss Clear Top Coat

The color swatches below reflect what the Custom Stain looks like when applied to raw wood. Each color sample below has two coats of stain and two coats of high gloss clear applied to the surface. With this staining process, there can be variations in the final finish, which depends on the porosity of the material to be stained and the raw surface color prior to applying the stain. If you click on each individual color swatch below, it will enlarge the sample and will show what the name of the stain color is.  


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