This Is What Can Happen If You Hire An Unprofessional Contractor

Unknowingly to the property owner, both of these tubs where completed by a very unprofessional contractor. By clicking on the pictures below, you will see how wasteful, messy, and expensive of a job it was to correct the problem the previous refinishing contractor caused for the homeowner. The initial cost to the property owner to refinish these tubs was around $750, and the coating started to peel within a few months. If you click on the pictures below, you can look closely at the finish before the tubs were stripped, the finish looked like it was 15+ years old, when in fact it was only a few months old!       

Now that both of the tubs were stripped back down to the original surface, now begins the process of professionally refinishing the tubs all over again. The entire process of stripping and refinishing these tubs took 16 hours, and the property owner had to endure an additional expense of $1300, on top of the $750 originally paid. After all was said and done, the property owner spent $2050 to get two bath tubs resurfaced, when it should have only been around  $750 originally. Additionally, the property owner lost four days usage of the tubs during the whole nightmare. Below is the before and after of the tubs. Make sure you hire a professional contractor the first time, and save yourself alot of money and headaches!  

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